Creating A Clean And Productive Workplace: Tips For Commercial Cleaning

June 27, 2023

You want your Auckland office to be as productive as possible, and a key step to that is hiring a commercial cleaning company. How can anyone be happy and hardworking when they’re stuck in a dirty, unkempt workplace? 

Your office should stay clean and tidy for all who visit, from your trusty employees to your valued guests. This will make your space more inviting and easy to work in. 

Why Clean Workplaces Are Vital For Productive, Happy Employees

Some people may wonder why cleanliness is important for productivity. Shouldn’t people just work harder, regardless of their surroundings?

Yeah, nah. Concentrating on getting things done is very difficult when you’re unhappy with your surroundings, and stressed-out employees are less likely to work quickly and produce good results. 

Commercial cleaning services can make your office shine. Many studies have shown that keeping your space clean has an impact on your team’s productivity and happiness.

Cleanliness can lead to:

  • Increased Focus And Concentration. When employees are surrounded by clutter and mess, it can be difficult for them to focus on their work. Rubbish everywhere is distracting and uncomfortable. A clean and tidy office, on the other hand, is more peaceful and distraction-free. It lets your team focus on their important tasks.
  • Improved Morale. Keeping your office clean shows your team that you care about them. It can improve their morale and encourage them to work hard for you.
  • Improved Health. Dirt and messes aren’t just unsightly; they can also be unhygienic. Neglecting to clean your office can increase the chances of bacteria and diseases spreading. This is why hiring professional commercial cleaning services for your office is so important – they’ll get rid of those nasty germs.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Office Clean And Tidy

Having a clean office is much easier said than done. What should you do for your office?

No worries, you can keep your Auckland property clean and pleasant by following these tips:

Hire Professional Cleaners! This is the most effective thing you can do if you want to keep your space clean. Commercial cleaners don’t just clean your rooms right; they also do it in a timely manner. They have the experience and training to get everything tidy again. 

If you try to clean your space yourself without training or the right equipment, you could take much longer than you’d like. Or, you could stuff things up and cause more harm than good. It’s far faster and more convenient to hire cleaners who’ll get the job done quickly and correctly every time. 

Encourage Employees To Take Responsibility For Their Own Workplaces. If your employees have designated areas that they work in, encourage everyone to stay neat while they work. They can wipe down their desks daily with disinfectant wipes, throw rubbish away when they have any and keep things nice.

If your office is one where employees have several spots that they can work in depending on what they’re doing, they should still be encouraged to pick up after themselves. 

One of the best ways to keep any office clean and happy is to make sure everyone is taking responsibility for their actions and spaces. Your Auckland office will stay clean until your professional commercial cleaning team can come and visit you.

Make Sure There Are Rubbish Bins Available. Place an adequate amount of rubbish and recycling bins in your office for your team and your guests to use. This will discourage littering or letting trash pile up.

Furthermore, get bins that have lids on them. The lids will prevent the smell of trash from bothering the people around them. You should also have the trash taken out regularly to take care of the smell and to prevent pests from showing up.

Do Light Cleaning On A Regular Basis. You should leave the deep-cleaning and complicated cleaning jobs to professional commercial cleaning teams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do any cleaning at all. The floors should be routinely swept, trash should be taken out, desktops should be wiped and so on. 

It’s difficult for inexperienced people to deeply clean offices because they usually don’t know how to do so, let alone have the equipment. But you and your team can still keep things pleasant until your trusty cleaners arrive. 

How often you’ll need your office professionally cleaned will depend on your circumstances, such as how large your office is, how many people work there, what kind of work is being done and so on. Many office managers prefer to have their offices professionally cleaned at least once a week and deep cleaned every few months. 

What You Can Do To Keep Your Auckland Office Clean

Keeping your space neat and your employees happy is easy when you call Clean Office! We have very high standards and do our absolute best to ensure every Auckland office we visit is left hygienic and shining. 

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